Sunday, May 31, 2009

Most AWESOME week ever!

Ok, this is going to be a pretty long post, because this week was crazy so i decided to do it all at once! So first of all, on monday i went to the Paramore and No Doubt concert with Ashley, Jenna and Ranon! Me and Ash went shopping at the gatway before the concert and it was SO much fun! and we got matching t shirts! haha! On Wednesday, we had yearbook signing for the seniors, then Thursday was my gradutation! I'm so happy to be done!! We had our senior party at Fat Cats and it was a blast! We bowled, golfed and ate pizza till 4 in the morning!

This was adorable! Gwen brought her son on stage so everyone could sing happy birthday to him!
This picture is for Chris! He told us before we left that Gwen always does push ups at her shows. So we waited the whole time to see her do it, and we almost thought she wasn't going to. But then when they got to almost the last song she did it!

Saturday, May 9, 2009


So last weekend i went to Roy's Cotillion! it was SO much fun! I'm a little sad it was my last dance :( no more fancy dresses... but that means i'm just that much closer to GRADUATING!! (11 more days to be exact :)) WOO!! anyway, we went to breakfast at our friend Jake's house! and then we went to the Flowrider! which was awesome! and then we got ice cream from Farr's! We went to the Mayan for dinner! and the dance was at Weber State! So here's some pictures from my day!
This was our group! It was HUGE, there were like 30 of us all together!

This is some of us at the Flowrider!

The real Kim couldn't make it to for the day date. So Duncan had to use his backup date!

Thats right! We got a LIMO!! And squished all 30 of us in it!

It was Josh's and Kortney's birthday, so we sang to them and ate that!

Oh, and my dad graduated from Weber State last weekend also! So CONGRATULATIONS to him!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


So prom was yesterday, and it was way fun! We went to toads for our day date and to Rodizio Grill for dinner, and then we went bowling after the dance!

Some of the guys decided they wanted to try the chicken heart at dinner...

Dallin didn't like it very much. haha i think this was my favorite part of the whole day! I laugh everytime i see this picture!
and for the record... i SUCK at bowling! haha but in my defense, i'm usually a little better than this. i was in a huge poofy dress!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

St. George and Cotillion!

So this last weekend i went to St. George with Jenny and Brady to celebrate easter early with Brady's family! We colored easter eggs, and had an easter egg hunt, went swimming, and watched movies! It was a really fun weekend, and it was WARM!! :)This was my lovely egg!

I made $7! :)
And today, i got asked to Senior Cotillion!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


My friend Ben asked me to clearfields prom!! He left this sign, right as you walk in my room. then i had to follow the streamers that led to the rest of the signs, which were all dates we've been on. and then finally the last one was in my closet, asking me to prom! If any one has an idea to answer him, let me know!

This picture is completly unrelated. but i thought it was hilarious! i took it in draper on my way to Heidi and Adam's wedding.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day!

So yesterday was Valentine's day! After we helped our ward with the food drive, me, Lexi and Krista went to Ihop for a fantastic breakfast! (and somehow made it through this)
Then we went to the mall to see He's Just Not That Into You! And for those of you who haven't seen it, it's a really cute movie!

Then i spent the rest of the night watching 27 Dresses, and That 70's show! Happy Valentine's Day :)

Draper Temple!

Last Wednesday, our stake got to go to the Draper temple open house! My mom, and Krista's mom came with us! We stopped at a church to watch a short video about temples, then we rode a bus up to the temple and then we had to walk through a maze of tents to get into the temple. But, it was REALLY pretty! We all had alot of fun!